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Month: June 2016

Trivia Tonight!

Hey everybody! Come on down to The Gate at 8pm TONIGHT for Can’t Stand Trivia! We’ll have a round on the WWF… Could it mean Randy Macho Man Savage WWF or Protect the Pandas WWF? You’ll have to come and find out, brother. As always it’s free to play and there are lots of cool […]

Trivia Tonight

Hope you saved enough energy from this weekend for Can’t Stand Trivia! Now that the NBA & NHL seasons are over, tonight’s request round will be on BASEBALL HISTORY! As always it’s free to play, and there are tons of cool prizes to win so come on down to The Gate by 8pm to play!

Trivia Tonight

Can’t Stand Trivia tonight at 8! Request round is SHOW TUNES. Win bar tabs and a plate of Bonnie’s Hot Wings delivered right to your table! Free to play as always.

Trivia Returns Tonight!

Tonight brings the return of Can’t Stand Trivia! Come on down at 8 for great beer and games. This week there will be a JAMES BOND 007 round, so fans of the franchise rejoice and try your luck at winning bar gift certificates, Bonnie’s Grill hot wings delivered straight to your table, and more! See […]