The Gate

Serving fine Draught Ales and Spirits in at least 4 Dimensions since 1997.


Holiday Weekend Schedule

Please join us for a drink on Christmas Eve this Saturday, featuring our 20th annual tradition of meats, cheeses and holiday beer specials. Join us for one or three!

Christmas Day we will be closed – Merry Christmas!!

St. Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day – Mon Dec 26
Open 1:00 PM for Bloody Marys & Bagels!

Can’t Stand Trivia Tonight

It’s Monday, so Can’t Stand Trivia is tonight at 8pm!
Our request round will be on FAMOUS CAMEOS IN MOVIES!
Free to play and lots of prizes to be won, like bar gift certificates and Bonnie’s Wings delivered right to your table! See you all at 8!

Election Night Next Tuesday

One week from today, we will elect a new leader of our country. For better or for worse. And for nearly 20 years we have been proud to be a place where people of all beliefs and opinions can gather for respectful discourse, debate, and of course, drink. We hope you join us here on November 8, Election Night, for beers, conversation, venting, optimism, pessimism, and all other such privileges of democracy as we watch the returns roll in all night long.

How To Safely Transport Your Beer Cases

If you are a beginner trader and you are trying to figure out what is the most efficient way of transporting your cargo, getting it shipped or transported to various destinations, you've reached the right place. Start by focusing on packing and shipping your beer the safest way possible. Keep in mind you will need a license to send beer to a trading partner, or else you will be going against the policies of shipping companies. It might also be handy to create a shipping account with one of these services for extra simplicity. Safe packaging should also follow certain rules, and these next few tips should give you a clearer idea on them as well.

What You'll Needhow much locksmith cost

  • For a normal sized cargo, you will need bubble wrap, electrical tape, and shipping boxes that are sturdy enough not to crack when being carried – avoid boxes with holes or gaps. The tape should help you prevent the bottle caps from getting popping and leaking.

  • Ziploc bags can help you properly protect your cargo from getting wet if there is a leak. You can also replace them with plastic garbage bags instead.

  • Rubber bands can also be used to replace the tape for the bubble wrap. You can use the bubble wrap again another time. And you can even save money on the rather expensive shipping tape. You will need lots of time anyway, so the more you can save, the better for your budget.

Want To Do Your Own Shipping?

  • If you plan on doing the shipping using your own car or van, you will first need to make sure that the vehicle is well secured. Talk to a local locksmith in town and find out how much do locksmith services cost for your exact make and model of a car. Modern day vehicles that feature advanced locks will usually cost a little more in terms of door or trunk lock fixing, or car key fob repairs or replacement. Talk to a few locksmiths in town, get familiar with the average market prices, and make sure you'll only hire authorized, licensed, and insured locksmiths with good customer reviews.

  • Since you will be using the trunk of your vehicle for the storage and transportation of your beer packages, make sure the lock on it is working in pristine shape. Any small glitch or fault could lead to a potential disaster, while your car is parked somewhere while you are taking a break and having lunch in a diner.

  • Use cable locks you can secure to your car seats on your beer packages, for extra safety. Talk to a security consultant or a locksmith in town and have them recommend the most efficient padlocks or cable locks you can take on the road.

Prevent Underage Drinking With Locks

If you are currently dealing with a case of underage drinking, you are most likely going through a hard time. Teen aggressiveness when alcohol is consumed can lead to a great number of problems, some more serious than others. Unfortunately, since there have been laws concerning the age for liquor consumption in place, underage teens have figured out ways to break them. Trying anything from fake IDs to stealing from liquor stores, teens can be very inventive when it comes to finding alcohol. Drinking their parents' stashes of alcohol inside the house is also a common event. Parents can try to watch their children all day long and make sure they do not get into some kind of trouble; unfortunately, this is an impossible mission. Besides, no matter how much supervision they might be enduring, teens always find a way to sneak in alcohol inside the house or get into trouble.

Here are a few ideas on what to do to slow them down in the process.

Set Clear No Drinking Rules In The House

Some parents think that their teenage sons and daughters will drink either way, so they might as well encourage them to do it under their supervision, inside their home. This excuse is not a healthy approach. Parents do nothing else but look the other way as their children are getting drunk right beneath their nose. The message they are sending is definitely not a well-thought of one. What starts out as a harmless drinking game at home could end up in an alcoholic coma in the hospital. Drinking and driving is another peril that lingers above the heads of teens.

Use Special Anti-Drunk Driving Systems

Never let your son or daughter drink under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Grab their keys and communicate your concerns to them. Prevent them from getting out of the house and behind the wheel while drunk. Make sure you have an extra spare of keys to their car so you can park it someplace else, where they cannot find it. Talk to a local locksmith for cars if you are in need of some copies. Find out exactly what an automotive locksmith can do for you by reading this piece here You may need to install a special device that will prevent your drunk teen child from getting behind the wheel and driving. Luckily, tech passionate are working at a brand new wave of technology. These systems can detect alcohol by measuring the levels of alcohol in drivers' blood from their breath. This is done with the help of sensors that are installed in front of drivers. There is also the option of measuring the level of alcohol on the surface of the skin by having drivers touch the start button. This system relies on a special touch-pad featuring infrared light scanners.

Lock Up The Beer

Have an expert locksmith check the locks and keys on the cabinets you use to store your booze in. Lockable closets are also viable solutions. Talk to a local technician and have them explain to you all the ins and outs of these locks and the way they should be installed.

The basement/garage fridges should also be locked with combo locks or keyed locks.