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How To Safely Transport Your Beer Cases | The Gate, Brooklyn

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How To Safely Transport Your Beer Cases

If you are a beginner trader and you are trying to figure out what is the most efficient way of transporting your cargo, getting it shipped or transported to various destinations, you've reached the right place. Start by focusing on packing and shipping your beer the safest way possible. Keep in mind you will need a license to send beer to a trading partner, or else you will be going against the policies of shipping companies. It might also be handy to create a shipping account with one of these services for extra simplicity. Safe packaging should also follow certain rules, and these next few tips should give you a clearer idea on them as well.

What You'll Needhow much locksmith cost

  • For a normal sized cargo, you will need bubble wrap, electrical tape, and shipping boxes that are sturdy enough not to crack when being carried – avoid boxes with holes or gaps. The tape should help you prevent the bottle caps from getting popping and leaking.

  • Ziploc bags can help you properly protect your cargo from getting wet if there is a leak. You can also replace them with plastic garbage bags instead.

  • Rubber bands can also be used to replace the tape for the bubble wrap. You can use the bubble wrap again another time. And you can even save money on the rather expensive shipping tape. You will need lots of time anyway, so the more you can save, the better for your budget.

Want To Do Your Own Shipping?

  • If you plan on doing the shipping using your own car or van, you will first need to make sure that the vehicle is well secured. Talk to a local locksmith in town and find out how much do locksmith services cost for your exact make and model of a car. Modern day vehicles that feature advanced locks will usually cost a little more in terms of door or trunk lock fixing, or car key fob repairs or replacement. Talk to a few locksmiths in town, get familiar with the average market prices, and make sure you'll only hire authorized, licensed, and insured locksmiths with good customer reviews.

  • Since you will be using the trunk of your vehicle for the storage and transportation of your beer packages, make sure the lock on it is working in pristine shape. Any small glitch or fault could lead to a potential disaster, while your car is parked somewhere while you are taking a break and having lunch in a diner.

  • Use cable locks you can secure to your car seats on your beer packages, for extra safety. Talk to a security consultant or a locksmith in town and have them recommend the most efficient padlocks or cable locks you can take on the road.

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