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Prevent Underage Drinking With Locks | The Gate, Brooklyn

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Prevent Underage Drinking With Locks

If you are currently dealing with a case of underage drinking, you are most likely going through a hard time. Teen aggressiveness when alcohol is consumed can lead to a great number of problems, some more serious than others. Unfortunately, since there have been laws concerning the age for liquor consumption in place, underage teens have figured out ways to break them. Trying anything from fake IDs to stealing from liquor stores, teens can be very inventive when it comes to finding alcohol. Drinking their parents' stashes of alcohol inside the house is also a common event. Parents can try to watch their children all day long and make sure they do not get into some kind of trouble; unfortunately, this is an impossible mission. Besides, no matter how much supervision they might be enduring, teens always find a way to sneak in alcohol inside the house or get into trouble.

Here are a few ideas on what to do to slow them down in the process.

Set Clear No Drinking Rules In The House

Some parents think that their teenage sons and daughters will drink either way, so they might as well encourage them to do it under their supervision, inside their home. This excuse is not a healthy approach. Parents do nothing else but look the other way as their children are getting drunk right beneath their nose. The message they are sending is definitely not a well-thought of one. What starts out as a harmless drinking game at home could end up in an alcoholic coma in the hospital. Drinking and driving is another peril that lingers above the heads of teens.

Use Special Anti-Drunk Driving Systems

Never let your son or daughter drink under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Grab their keys and communicate your concerns to them. Prevent them from getting out of the house and behind the wheel while drunk. Make sure you have an extra spare of keys to their car so you can park it someplace else, where they cannot find it. Talk to a local locksmith for cars if you are in need of some copies. Find out exactly what an automotive locksmith can do for you by reading this piece here You may need to install a special device that will prevent your drunk teen child from getting behind the wheel and driving. Luckily, tech passionate are working at a brand new wave of technology. These systems can detect alcohol by measuring the levels of alcohol in drivers' blood from their breath. This is done with the help of sensors that are installed in front of drivers. There is also the option of measuring the level of alcohol on the surface of the skin by having drivers touch the start button. This system relies on a special touch-pad featuring infrared light scanners.

Lock Up The Beer

Have an expert locksmith check the locks and keys on the cabinets you use to store your booze in. Lockable closets are also viable solutions. Talk to a local technician and have them explain to you all the ins and outs of these locks and the way they should be installed.

The basement/garage fridges should also be locked with combo locks or keyed locks.

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